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Void Filling Services By The Affordable Foundation Company

Voids can cause significant problems, including the total failure of the structure underneath the concrete. Depending on the severity of the damage, the concrete slab may need to be entirely removed and replaced over an extended length of time. These voids can make your concrete unstable, leading to buckling and sinking. Our foundation company can efficiently resolve these problems produced by voids beneath concrete slabs. We are one of the best foundation repair companies for void fillings. We work with certified professionals to provide void-filling remedies for any size project. Pipelines and tunnels, filling cracks in the foundation of houses, voids underneath roadways, and other infrastructures

The filling of cracks in the foundation is accomplished with portable materials that do not place a burden on the site, ensuring that our void filling method has no negative consequences for the site’s overall stability. We also offer a strong fill material that may be inoculated into voids to assist a loaded floor or piece of infrastructure. Because of the skillfulness of our method, we are able to pump fill material into even the most difficult-to-reach areas with the least disruption.

As one of the best foundation companies, we have worked on several void-filling jobs. Our team of professionals examines your structure, amends, and customizes the result to any issue you might be experiencing with void filling.

Why Filling Void Is Important

Filling voids is necessary. It ensures that a crack repair/concrete patch is completed. If voids are left unfilled, the concrete will eventually fail to support the weight on top of it and will most likely shatter or fall inside the pit. However, it depends much on how big and deep the void is.
At Affordable Foundation Repair, we carry out concrete void filling in a variety of ways, such as slab jacking, Sand Cement Grout, polymer expanding foam, etc.

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is a term that pertains to this method of injecting/pumping void filler materials into voids beneath concrete slabs to generate a similar appearance. A variety of traditional and substitute void filler materials can be utilized.


As a substitute for slab jacking, sectional slab repair can be carried out. The damaged area’s concrete can be disassembled to attain entry to the void, which can then be filled with sand and sealed with a concrete mixture.

Because when a void is filled poorly, it has an elevated capacity to reform, making sure the sand infill is adequately compacted. In extreme circumstances where the slab has been severely damaged, neither slab jacking nor sectional slab restoration approaches will suffice. The whole slab may be required to be rebuilt.

Installation of suitable drainage systems can help avoid the necessity for this and save it will also save cost.


We use a newer, more innovative approach to void filling and employ polyurethane foam to ensure slab stability.

This consistent substance is pumped into the concrete slab through microscopic holes. The polyurethane will expand to close off void faults immediately after it is injected due to chemical reactions.

This concrete void filler will adequately fill the void and provide support to the upper section of the concrete, preventing future concrete troubles to some extent.

The following are some of the benefits of using polyurethane foam to fill voids:

  • It is non-erosive and steady.
  • Slabs that have been repaired are practically instantly useful.
  • Polyurethane can be used to strengthen both organic and inorganic materials, improving the soil beneath building foundations’ stability.
  • Penetrates difficult-to-reach voids (small fissures, crevices)

We Fill Voids At Affordable Foundation Repair

Filling cracks in the foundation of a house is our specialty. Voids are labeled as immense damage to a foundation of a home. The longer a void exists in your home foundation, the more it damages the concrete. It is highly recommended that homeowners pay close attention to these issues.

As one of the best foundation companies, we are committed to offering you the best filling cracks foundation of the housing trust Affordable Foundation Repair to meet and supersede your space structural repair services needs with our innovative methods.

Here at Affordable Foundation Repair, we ensure that we carry out a comprehensive examination of your building, taking notes and determining your structure’s condition. After proper scrutiny, we give out recommendations on how we will efficiently carry out the repairs.

We’re a fully licensed and leading foundation company. We take pride in providing a solution to the foundation problems of our customers, whether they are businesses, homeowners, or builders. The approach put in by our foundation company is usually result-driven because we aim at giving our customers optimum satisfaction. No matter the kind of void filling, concrete wall repair, or foundation problems you might be experiencing, you can trust us to fix them perfectly. Contact us today at Affordable Foundation Repair for your Structural leak repairs and get $750 off!




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