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Helical Piers Foundation Repair Services
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Helical Piles/piers are a type of anchoring mechanism used to construct hefty foundations and strengthen the foundation when it comes to constructing and helical’s piers foundation repair.

Helical piles are made up of a variation of tubular hollow parts. As one of the best foundation companies in town, we understand that installing helical piles is essential because it improves the structural foundation and improves the overall success of the structure.

Helical Piles are often the most affordable foundation, we provide the system for commercial and residual purposes. At Affordable Foundation Repair Company, we offer you a helical pile setup technique that is quick, cost-effective, and very easy.

What Are Helical Piles Made Of?

Helical piles are made with galvanized steel to protect them from rusting, and they are primarily spherical hollow bottoms or solid square pliers usually produced from steel.

They come in several diameter varieties and are measured according to the undertaking need.

Helical Piles are made by welding some metal threads on the pole to apply adequate downward pressure to the soil being screwed to the ground. However, the form and proportion of helical piles may differ depending on the program and type of project they will be used for.

Our team of highly trained professionals recognizes that the pole of each pile is bored deep beneath the surface. Hence they incorporate further extension sections with straightened couplers and are drilled into the floor, resulting in a single pile spanning hundreds of feet rooted to the ground.

In most cases, the Helical Pile is sufficient to provide foundation support, but in rare cases, concrete can be added to strengthen the base even further.


When To Use Helical Piles

It is advisable to make your foundation strong and more dependable. Helical piles are used to fill cracks in the foundation of a house. They are utilized in helical piers foundation repair if the base is damaged and requires repair. They are also necessary when building the foundation of a house in shaky soil.

This is when you need to consider repairing helical piles:

  •     Helical’s piles can be used in filling cracks in the foundation of a house or               inside plaster walls.
  •     They can be utilized in fixing the jagged walls.
  •     To close the gap between the doorway and window frames.
  •     Wherever there impedes the process of opening and closing doors.

We at Affordable Foundation Repair can offer you just that.

Advantages Of Utilizing Helial Piles

There are several reasons why you will need helical piles, not just for the helical piers foundation repair.

The most significant advantage of utilizing a helical piling system is that it does not necessitate excavation due to its design. The cost and time required to complete any helical piles’ projects are lessened. It keeps the site sterile, allowing the time needed for cleanup to be saved.

Compared to typical foundation methods, helical piles take less time to install, and helical piles/piers setup requires less time. A helical piles setup does not require specialized equipment such as a crane or a giant driller. In most cases, just a few of our professionals are required during the helical pile’s setup. In addition, the loading capabilities are increased by employing little equipment. Minimal Vibration and a Small Footprint.

Another advantage of using helical piles is that they may be used from a small space close to a building. It produces the least vibrations, causing the least amount of disruption in the surrounding areas.

Helical Piles cause the least amount of disruption to the surrounding area. The bulk of helical heap producers uses high-grade stainless steel in their production.

This makes the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly and minimizes the entire carbon footprint, and installation work may be done at any time.

They may be set up at nearly any season because they do not require time to repair or dry, whether it’s winter, summer, or rainy regions and conditions.


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Affordable Foundation Repair is one of the best foundation companies to contact for your helical piers foundation repair. Here at Affordable Foundation Repair, we ensure that we carry out a comprehensive examination of your building, taking notes and determining your structure’s condition. After proper scrutiny, we give out recommendations on how we will efficiently carry out the repairs.

We’re a fully licensed and leading foundation company. We take pride in providing a solution to the foundation problems of our customers, whether they are businesses, homeowners, or builders. No matter the kind of helical Piles, concrete wall repair, or foundation problems you might be experiencing, you can trust us to fix them perfectly. Contact us today at Affordable Foundation Repair for your Structural leak repairs and get $750 off!




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