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In some cases where the sea-wall has been severely affected, the repair carried out on it by our foundation company will have to be in the form of replacing the whole sea-wall. However, minimal repairs are the most frequent repairs often carried out on the sea wall, and it’s also an efficient means of avoiding a total replacement of the sea wall.

You Need A Foundation Company Like Ours

It would be best if you regularly inspect your sea wall to note any sign of compromise to it. This is one service we at Affordable Foundation Repair take very seriously. We know that it is necessary to maintain the structure of your sea wall.

A more productive way of looking out for such damages is by looking out for parts in the sea wall that have split apart and also checking whether there is any part of the sea wall that has broken off. The presence of a large crack or gap between the strips of concrete in the sea wall is frequent damage to the sea wall. If you noticed this in your sea wall, it’s a sign that it needs repair.

Other signs of sea-wall repairs that our foundation repair company notes are the presence of rust, yielding of the slabs, or noticing that the slabs are out of correct position or improperly adjusted. If you notice that soils or holes start settling along the sea wall, it’s a sign that it has become damaged and needs repair.

Why Do You Have A Damaged Sea Wall?

Due to the physical turbulence, your seawalls are occasionally exposed to, even though they are resistant, sea walls are usually found to be impaired and in serious need of maintenance services by foundation companies to restore them in order.

Canal scouring, waterway lock systems, and sometimes strong winds or currents contribute to a damaged sea wall. There are also some cases whereby significant changes in the depth of the water can lead to sea-wall deterioration.

At Affordable Foundation Repair, we know that causes of sea-wall damage are not streamlined to the reasons mentioned earlier alone. However, the fluctuating and turbulent conditions sea walls are subjected to mean that there’s a high number of factors prone to cause damage to them. Such factors include harsh and fluctuating weather conditions.

How Our Foundation Company Helps To Repair Sea Wall Damage

At Affordable Foundation Repair, we know that Sea-wall damage requires repair from foundation repair companies like us due to the intricacy of the repair. Our highly trained professionals are experienced in handling all machinery and tools necessary to carry out repairs efficiently.

We carry out repairs that exceed minor cracks in the wall that result in severe eroding of the concrete slabs, breaching the panels, and leaning the wall or cap outwards.

Some of the repair methods used by our foundation company commonly include changing some damaged parts of the walls, applying resin to cracks in the wall, and filling eroded parts of the wall with soil. In cases whereby the seaway has been severely affected, some structures in the sea wall will have to undergo a total replacement.

For additional information regarding the state of your sea wall, feel free to reach out to us at our foundation company. Our highly trained personnel will be able to provide you with the needed consultation, evaluation, and quotation you need.

Turn To Affordable Repairs Services For Your Sea Wall Repair

Here at Affordable Foundation Repair, we ensure that we carry out a comprehensive examination of your sea wall, taking notes and determining your structure’s condition. After proper scrutiny, we give out recommendations on how we will efficiently bring back your sea-wall structure to its normal state.

We’re a fully licensed and leading foundation company. We take pride in providing a solution to the foundation problems of our customers, whether they are businesses, homeowners, or builders. The approach put in by our foundation company is usually result-driven because we aim at giving our customers optimum satisfaction. No matter the kind of sea wall, concrete wall repair, or foundation problems you might be experiencing, you can trust us to fix them perfectly. Contact us today at Affordable Foundation Repair for your sea wall repairs!




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