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We recognize that there are many foundation repair companies out there. At Affordable Foundation Repair, we specialize in structural leak services. Our structural repair contractors can come in and help with water infiltration issues and find the source of the problem.

When water enters a building, it can spread in several ways. Locating the source takes well-certified professionals. We provide several structural repairs, building repairs, and building renovation solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Our structural repair contractors have several varieties of structural repair solutions from underlining, crack, stitching, brick & stone cleaning, and more.

Structural Leak Detection

Structural leak detection is the process of locating the source of the leak before moving on to leak repairs that don’t have to relate to a plumbing problem. At Affordable Foundation Repair understand that when a leaking source is detected in a building, several places need to be thoroughly checked.

Detecting the source of leaks can be challenging. Leaks are often found inside, underneath, or even from the outside. The source of the leak is discovered at a different location from the place where the damage signs are found.

As a well-experienced structural repair company, our approach gives us the ability to access and determine the areas of concern. When examining your building for roof leaks, we usually look for water damage and stains on places like your ceilings and walls, and we also check the attic for water damage and wet spots.

Our structural repair contractor will swiftly repair the leak once it is detected. We have dealt with a variety of roof leaks, and we know how to fix them effectively by utilizing the best materials and equipment so that you can rest assured your home is in the best hands.


Structural Repair Leaks Services

At Affordable Foundation Repair, we understand that water is an essential aspect of our lives. Still, it can also threaten our living comfort and the safety of our homes. Water damage is not limited to roofs and floors alone. Water can also seep through the walls and cracks of a building.

Our mission is to help you solve your water problems. Our team of structural repair contractors provides expert pipe and structural service repair to solve the problem you encounter with leaking or broken pipes.

To successfully restore the order of water in your home, we employ prime resins polyurethane resin products such as (Hydrophilic group and Hydrophobic grout), underpinning, crack stitching basement waterproofing, brick and stone, concrete leveling, and timber resin repairs during our leak repair project.


Underpinning is required when a building is suffering from subsidence damage, and the foundation encountering this damage will be left in poor structural condition. We use the underpinning process to repair and cure the damage caused to the property structure.

Basement Waterroofing

At Affordable Foundation Repair, we conduct our basement waterproofing to the highest standard by us. The waterproof process makes the structure’s walls waterproof to any moisture exposure.

Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling is done by re-leveling the surface of a contract, and it is super easy to perform. It is practical and long-lasting


Turn To Affordable Repairs For Your Structural Leak Repairs

Our structural repair contractors employ many procedures to ensure that all your structural leak problems are gone. Affordable Foundation Repair is one of the best foundation repair companies that you can entrust to carry out your structural leak repairs.

Our aim is customer satisfaction in whatever services we render, so we’re able to channel this goal into giving our best to our customers.

Here at Affordable Foundation Repair, we ensure that we carry out a comprehensive examination of your building, taking notes and determining your structure’s condition. After proper scrutiny, we give out recommendations on how we will efficiently carry out the repairs.

We’re a fully licensed and leading foundation company. We take pride in providing a solution to the foundation problems of our customers, whether they are businesses, homeowners, or builders.

The approach put in by our foundation company is usually result-driven because we aim at giving our customers optimum satisfaction. No matter the kind of structural leak, concrete wall repair, or foundation problems you might be experiencing, you can trust us to fix it perfectly. Contact us today at Affordable Foundation Repair for your Structural leak repairs and get $750 off!




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