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One of the major factors that cause concrete or slab sinking and slab crack is an unstable foundation. Spaces under the ground that lack structural support may end up breaking down entirely or shifting over time. These factors can make the slab break apart and require slab lifting and slab crack repair to make amendments.

Another factor that can cause slab sinking is the constraint or force from gravity and constant pressure. Even though concrete is considered a solid material, its compression strength begins to wane gradually. This decrease in compression strength is caused by continuous pressure that slowly deteriorates the layers of the slab.

Natural occurrences can also be a reason why concrete sinks. Such occurrences include temperature changes, roots that arise from the trees, and others. Concrete sinking can often be noticed in sidewalks or driveways made of cement. Also, some slabs might appear higher than others or inclined to an odd angle.

Why Our Slab Lifting Service Is Your Best Choice

One of the majorly used building materials is concrete or slab. This material is mostly preferred due to its reasonable price, extraordinary strength, and ability to exist for a long time without significant deterioration to its value: However, there are sometimes when things might go wrong with the slab. The slabs can change their positions, causing unequal surfaces, which can be very dangerous if left untreated. Unlike other foundation companies, we provide a lasting solution by carrying out slab lifting. At Affordable repair, we use a concrete lifting foam to make adjustments.

We also use concrete lifting foam with high density in slab lifting to ensure that you don’t have to dig up, remove, or re-pour the cement while making adjustments.

It is reasonable in price, comes with less difficulty, and is less interfering than renovations. The use of concrete lifting foams is also a popular way of lifting slabs, and our foundation repair company is equipped with highly trained professionals with a good knack for slab lifting.

What Makes Our Services Unique

Whether you are a business owner, homeowner, or a builder with driveways and walkways that have been affected by concrete sinking, hire the services of our foundation company for commercial and home concrete lifting. At affordable repair services, we use slab-jacking to fix your concrete issues. This method works to repair slabs that have sunk inside or have become splatted. This method makes the concrete or slab appear as though it were new.

Our foundation company helps to provide an efficient way of restyling or restoring the properties of your business: However, improving the appearance of your business shouldn’t be the only reason for employing the services of our foundation company. Below are the benefits of hiring our Foundation Repair company for your commercial concrete lifting.

Safety of your Workers And Customers
No business certainly wants to earn a bad name for itself, but this is a likely possibility if you leave your concrete to sink without making repairs to them. The good news is that at Affordable Repairs, we will provide you with possible recommendations that can help avert the danger of endangering your workers and customers.
No company would like to be sued for turning a blind eye to sinking slabs in their driveways and walkways, resulting in either a worker or customer getting injured. If you notice that the slabs in your business’s surroundings start sinking, contact us at Affordable Foundation Repair to carry out essential repairs. Do not just ignore the problem.
If you ignore repairs to your concrete for a long time, you might encounter enormous damage to your building structures. When the slab continues to split and sink, then the foundation of your building is put at risk. If the problem is left unattended, your business might encounter issues with the plumbing works. Our highly trained professionals at Affordable repairs are eager to render their best services to you.

Choose Affordable Foundation Repair For A Guaranteed Slab Sinking Repair Today!

Here at Affordable Foundation Repair, we ensure that we carry out a comprehensive examination of your slab lifting, taking notes and determining your structure’s condition. After proper scrutiny, we give out recommendations on how we will efficiently carry out your slab lifting works.

We’re a fully licensed and leading foundation company. We take pride in providing a solution to the foundation problems of our customers, whether they are businesses, homeowners, or builders. The approach put in by our foundation company is usually result-driven because we aim at giving our customers optimum satisfaction. No matter the kind of Slab lifting issues you have, or foundation problems you might be experiencing, you can trust us to fix them perfectly. Contact us today at Affordable Foundation Repair for your slab lifting repairs!




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