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Why Should I Repair My Foundation?

No matter the size or shape, foundation repair is crucial to ensure safety and structural integrity in your commercial or residential building. Foundational instability and movement can lead to severe structural damage that could leave the property in total disrepair if not addressed. Property with foundation problems is difficult to sell. Lenders are reluctant to lend money to homes and businesses that have serious structural problems. Cracks in the foundation, or other signs that indicate foundation damage, can lead to more serious problems over time. None of the following issues should be left unattended; water infiltration, structural collapse, and high utility bills.

What signs are there of foundation problems?

Some of the common signs of foundation problems are bowed walls, gaps around windows and frames, sticking doors and cracked sheetrock, uneven floors, and uneven surfaces. Cracking bricks and mortar of your structure, as well as the mortar that forms vertically or horizontally. These cracks are signs that your foundation is failing. Cracks in foundation walls usually appear around the weakest points, such as corners, edges of windows frames, openings to service (such as HVAC systems), concrete cold joints, long spans, pipe penetration, and along the tie rods.

Is water allowed to seep into the basement or crawlspace from the foundation?

Water can often seep into foundations for many reasons. This can lead to serious consequences such as wood rot, mold, concrete and rebar deterioration, and many other problems.

How can I tell if cracks in my foundation or my basement are serious?

Minor cracks can be seen and are not necessarily indicative of structural damage. To distinguish between minor cracks and cracks that could indicate more serious issues, you need to look at the size of the cracks. Cracks that are larger than 1/8 inches wide and span a large area are likely to be serious. Cracks that are visible in your basement and allow for moisture or gasses to enter can indicate that the foundation is becoming weaker and more susceptible to cracking.

What is involved in a Foundation Inspection?

Affordable Foundation Repair provides foundation inspection services for commercial and residential properties in Florida and South Georgia at no cost. Each property is different, so our foundation specialists will evaluate each foundation individually to determine if it needs repairs. We will inspect your property from both the inside and outside and determine if there are any signs of foundation stress. Inspections can take anywhere from one hour to several hours, depending on the size of your property.

How does all settling affect the foundation?

New homes can settle in the soil beneath them for several years. This does not affect foundation stability. It is normal for settlement to occur in small amounts, and you do not need to call us. If settling is excessive or accompanied by visible damage to the foundation, walls, doors, or chimney, call us. Your foundation will be less damaged if you act quickly. This also means that your most valuable investment, your home, will not suffer any damage.

Will Foundation Repairs Cause Damage to Lawn & Landscaping?

At Affordable Foundation Repair, our foundation contractors do everything they can to ensure that the landscaping is left unaffected. If trees or shrubbery are in direct excavations, they may need to be removed in order for repair work to take place. After the repair is complete, it is important to remove and carefully replant the plants. We cannot guarantee that trees or plants will survive excavation.

When is it time to fix my foundation?

Past performance is the best indicator of future performance. The foundation will move if it has already moved. The earlier repairs are made, the more durable they will be for future buyers.

How long will the foundation repair take?

The average Florida and Georigafoundation repair job should take only one to two days. However, this will depend on the extent of the work involved and the damage.

What happens if I don't fix the crack in the foundation of my house?

There is no way to predict future performance, but past performance is. Few homes experience structural failure. But that’s not usually the issue; serviceability failure functionality is often the most serious issue that can affect a home’s value and livability.

Will Repair the Foundation Create New Cracks?

While foundation repairs may close existing cracks, there is also the possibility of opening up new ones. We always strive to minimize damage and keep your home as original as possible.

Does foundation repair affect my home value?

We have often seen little to no decrease in value if the foundation repairs were done according to the engineer’s recommendations.

How long should I wait after repairs to fix my brick mortar cracks and drywall cracks?

It is often believed that the foundation must “settle” and should not be moved after repairs have been completed. The foundation behind the sheetrock might need to adjust to its new location for a brief time. If you don’t have time to wait, it may be worth waiting a few weeks before you start cosmetic repairs. It may be necessary to make minor cosmetic adjustments if you’re selling your house and want to immediately do cosmetic repairs.

How much does it cost to fix a Florida or South Georgia foundation problem?

There are many factors that influence the cost of repairing a foundation. After evaluating many factors, the final cost of repairing a foundation is determined. These are the main ones:

  • Type of foundation: Certain foundations are more difficult to repair than others. Concrete foundations are much easier to repair than brick and stone foundations.
  • The extent and size of the damage: Repairing more severe damage is more costly.
  • Accessibility for repair contractor and equipment: Accessibility for equipment and repair crews is important. It will make it more difficult to repair the damage, which will raise repair costs.

Does insurance cover foundation repairs?

Nearly all insurance policies include an “earth movement” clause that excludes foundation damage due to earth movement. If you can show that an event caused sudden and severe damage, then your claim may be approved. You might be able to get your claim paid if you can prove that there was a sudden and catastrophic event, such as a pipe burst or flood. It is worth establishing a baseline report on your home for insurance purposes in case of an unfortunate event.

How do I choose a foundation repair company?

The foundation of your structure is the most important part of your property. It supports the structure and protects your family, employees, and customers. Consider the company’s reputation, references, and insurance. Also, look for testimonials and estimates of cost. A trustworthy foundation company will gladly provide all the information you need and tailor their services to your needs. Affordable Foundation Repair is a Florida and South Georgia foundation company whose main goal is to assist property owners in finding a cost-effective, efficient and affordable solution for their foundation problems. Our foundation specialists are dedicated to restoring safety and comfort to our clients, ensuring that their properties remain intact for many years to come.

In Which Areas Do You Serve?

At Affordable Foundation Repair, we provide high-quality foundation repair services to residential and commercial properties throughout Florida and South Georgia, including ClearwaterDaytona BeachFort MyersGainesvilleJacksonvilleSt. PetersburgTallahassee, and Tampa. We can help you with your slab repair needs or seawall repairs for your home. No matter where you’re located in Florida or South Georgia, we will come to you.

Do you give free estimates?

Affordable Foundation Repair offers free structural foundation inspections throughout Florida and South Georgia! We will provide a detailed estimate of foundation repair costs and possible solutions.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! Yes! These warranties can be transferred without any transaction fees. The scope of work may affect the warranty for polyurethane. For more information, consult our estimator or call 855-749-1322.

Can Affordable Foundation Repair be guaranteed?

All Affordable Foundation Repair products and services come complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Is the Affordable Foundation Repair Licensed and Insured?

All our foundation repair technicians are properly licensed and insured. We will also provide copies of insurance policies on request.

Do your customers have references?

Affordable Foundation Repair will gladly provide a list of customer references from your area. Referrals can be provided by both homeowners and professionals, such as engineers or real estate agents.

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