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An excellent foundation starts with a professional foundation expert. Still, the years of exposure to adverse elements may leave your foundation hanging in the balance. Have you noticed cracks on the drywall or bowing walls and need a foundation repair near me?

Affordable Foundation Repair is passionate about promoting the safety of families in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide tested and high-quality solutions to any foundation-related issues to evoke your peace of mind.

Ready For Your Foundation Repair Near Me?

At Affordable Foundation Repair, we strongly believe that all foundation problems are unique and always take a customized approach for optimum results. Whether it’s a minor or significant project, they all deserve the same level of seriousness. And we want no other way. Unsure about the scope of your project? We will be happy to help!

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Why Choose Us?


Affordable Foundation Repair is a certified and licensed company that holds our services to all the relevant building codes and conduct. We observe high levels of integrity in our dealings with a good portfolio that makes us reliable. We take pride in honest work and prioritize safety at all costs.


If you keep asking, what if something goes wrong? Our comprehensive insurance policies have got you covered. Our people receive the best training, and we can vouch for their expertise. Still, we don’t risk creating financial turbulence for our clients. Our workers’ compensation policy and cover for property damage are why you can comfortably put your house foundation repair in our hands.


You can rely on our flexibility, from our schedules to the art of solving the simplest to the most intricate foundation issues. All our clients are accommodated with our seven-day-a-week availability. We will conduct a detailed inspection to determine the extent of the damage. We then formulate a comprehensive plan to minimize any last-minute problems and meet your budget confinements. Just remember, the earlier you call in our experts, the higher the chances of saving yourself the trouble of a further deteriorated foundation. We also strive to work within your project timeframe, leaving you with a clean worksite afterward!

Affordable Services

You may have read it on our business name, and yes, it extends to our services. We are all about offering our clients reasonable pricing without compromising the quality of our work. We eliminate anything that is not needed for the project, so expect an honest assessment at the beginning. If you are ready to take on the project, we offer fast and free estimates.


Why Is A Sound Foundation Essential?

  • Adequately support your home and maintain its evenness.
  • Resist movement from natural forces like fluctuating moisture levels and tectonic plates.
  • Foster favorable insulation properties that save you from high heating bills.
  • Keep insects out of your home.

Signs That You Need A Foundation Repair

  • Sticking windows or doors.
  • Gaps between your walls, doors, and windows.
  • Foundation cracks on your walls.
  • Bowing walls.
  • Musty-smelling basement or crawl space.

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