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A sound foundation is one of the best ways to keep your house looking new for as long as possible. Good foundation maintenance helps keep foundation problems to a minimum and ensures the groundwork is still performing its functions adequately.

At Affordable Foundation Repair, we understand that the quality of the maintenance done on the foundation goes a long way in preserving the groundwork and helping it in its vital functions.
Because of this, for over 25 years, we have served the people of Gainesville, Florida, by providing quality house foundation repair services to reverse the damage time that inevitably wears on foundations.

How Can Having A Good Foundation Repair Near You Lead To A Sound Foundation?

Even except for stability, there are a lot of benefits that come with having a sound foundation. Frequent house foundation repair and maintenance help ensure that the foundation is in good enough shape to still perform the functions that make it vital.

Here are some benefits of having a sound foundation and how a proper house foundation repair can help retain the benefits:

Stability and Support:

The main focus of a good foundation is to bear the load of the house, supporting it as necessary. Foundation cracks can quickly compromise its integrity, triggering the house to sink and causing undue damage to your home.

Affordable Foundation Repair provides top-notch assessments, guaranteed to spot any cracks or leaks in your foundation and fix them before it ever gets the chance to become an issue.

Resist Movement:

A sound foundation is designed to deal with natural fluctuations and keep the house grounded against undue movement; however, the wear of time might weaken the foundation enough that it might not be able to perform this function.

Affordable Foundation Repair offers specific services aimed at strengthening a weak foundation so that it can better resist movement and more properly anchor a house, saving lives by preventing untold damage.


Prevents Excess Moisture:

Moisture from rain and snow gathers in the soil and can quickly weaken the building’s structure, causing damage to the walls. When the moisture becomes excessive, it adds pressure to the groundwork and might cause foundation cracks.

Affordable Foundation Repair provides house foundation repair services that strengthen the foundation’s resistance against moisture and add drainage to prevent moisture collation in your home.

Prevent Insects:

When a foundation is improperly built or weakened, insects and creepy crawlies might find their way into your home through foundation cracks.
Though the damage from the insects starts minor, it can quickly escalate and cause some severe damage. The Void Filling services offered by Affordable Foundation Repair are designed to fill any spaces in your foundation, offering no way for insects to enter your home. Contact us today for your foundation repairs in Gainesville, Florida, and our team of professionals will visit you to solve all your foundation problems.


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